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Uffizi Gallery

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By booking this ticket, it is possible to visit the Uffizi Gallery by entering through a door dedicated to visitors with reservations and avoid long waits at the ticket office.

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How to organize a visit to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence

Useful tips and what you need to know about visiting the Uffizi

What to book to see the Uffizi? How much does it cost to enter the Uffizi? these are questions that do not correspond to a single answer.

In fact, there are many ways to access the Uffizi Museum. There is a wide range of visit possibilities based on the visitor's needs.

What we recommend first of all is to get organized in time. It is essential to first define the date and the indicative time when you want to visit the Uffizi Gallery.

In fact, this Florentine museum is very crowded, so the risk is having to wait many hours in line, perhaps in unbearable heat or during a rainy day. In fact, the weather conditions that are not exactly favorable often make waiting more tiring.

If you already know the date, you can choose from various options.


The first and the simplest is to book a skip-the-line entrance ticket to the Uffizi. Reservations must be made at least a few weeks in advance to be sure to find a place on the day and at the desired time. At certain times of the year, on weekends and at the central hours of the morning, places are already scarce months before. So the sooner you decide to book, the more certain you will be to get entry at the desired time and day.

The skip-the-line ticket to the Uffizi guarantees to complete the entrance procedures in just over 15 minutes and to access the museum from an entrance dedicated to reservation holders. The ticket must be pre-paid and it will be necessary to show up on time for the appointment. All instructions will be shown on the voucher that you will receive once booked.


The second possibility is to book the skip-the-line ticket already incorporating the official Uffizi audio guide.

This is a very useful service because it provides essential support for finding your way around the museum accompanied by the official explanation of an art historian who comments on all the main works exhibited in the gallery.

The duration of the audio guide is approximately 3 hours and is available in various languages. The cost of the reservation is only 1 euro which is added to the 6.00 euro audio guide. By booking the skip-the-line ticket combination with audio-guide, you can be sure of having an audio-guide without wasting time in the queue for the rental. Here, too, all the collection and return instructions will be present on the voucher sent by email once booked.

The use of the audio guide is customizable. This means that the user can choose which comment to listen to and the chosen itinerary by jumping from one room to another, from one work to another according to his preferences.

However, skip-the-line procedures do not exclude having to undergo security checks at the metal detector. The waits necessary to carry out these checks are therefore not always predictable and cannot in any case be avoided.

Would you rather visit the Uffizi museum with a real guide? Discover the OPTIONS!

Galleria degli Uffizi

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The Uffizi Gallery houses the largest collection of paintings from Romanesque period to the 18th century. Nowadays the Uffizi still accommodates famous masterpieces exhibited in chronological order