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Uffizi Gallery

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Visit the Uffizi Gallery by booking a guided tour

Here are the options to visit the Uffizi museum accompanied by an official guide

Those who wish to live a more complete experience by visiting the Uffizi can decide to be accompanied on the tour by a guide in flesh and blood. Guides who carry out this type of service must be licensed through a state exam that qualifies for the profession.

It is therefore not simply a museum expert who speaks by commenting on the exhibited works in the gallery, but rather a professional who carries out a qualified job, who in most cases, has long-standing experience of the museum and of the reality and history of Florence.

A guide not only knows the museum but must know how to relate to others to convey not only notions but also to make people love and understand the wonder that lies before their eyes. The reading of an art work can in fact be done at different levels of depth. The guides who accompany visitors during these tours are all able to modulate and deepen the analysis of a work and to contextualize the work of an artist in his time and in the relationship with his contemporaries. The professional guide has also to highlight the aspects that make the art work extraordinary compared to his contemporaries or absolutely innovative.

There are many elements that emerge during a guided tour that otherwise the visitor in front of a painting might not be able to grasp alone.

Guided tours are available of various types

From a group tour of up to 25 participants lasting about 1 hour and 30 minutes, to more exclusive group visits. These last are always longer and, above all, reserved for mini-groups of visitors. These "vip group tours" are often scheduled very early in the morning when the museum is not yet super crowded. In some cases it is possible to combine these visits with a breakfast stop at the Uffizi cafeteria. In fact, the tour starts very early even before the regular opening to the public. It is therefore a way for the visitor to "pamper himself" a little and indulge in some more privileges.

Tours can also take place privately with an exclusive guide and ca be organized even for one person only. Private tours to the Uffizi can take place during the regular daytime opening hours but even during the museum summer evening opening.

It is also possible to reserve the entire museum for a group of visitors outside the opening hours to the public. Usually the costs for this type of extremely exclusive visit-event are very high but certainly very prestigious and very exciting.

Galleria degli Uffizi

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The Uffizi Gallery houses the largest collection of paintings from Romanesque period to the 18th century. Nowadays the Uffizi still accommodates famous masterpieces exhibited in chronological order